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Hotels in Bali

Accommodations in Bali range from 5-star hotels with stunning views and beautiful tropical settings to simple family operated home-stays. Prices vary as well from $10 a day to as much as $2500 a day. Bali is very popular so I recommend you book accommodations in advance. You can book directly with our hotels listed or book through our office. Email or call our USA office 707 566-8078.

Preferred Hotels from different villages around the island:

East Bali Jimbaran and Bukit Kuta and Legian North Bali
East Bali Jimbaran-Bukit Kuta-Legian North Bali
Nusa Dua Sanur Beach Seminyak - Canguu Ubud
Nusa Dua Sanur Beach Seminyak-Canggu Ubud

There are hundreds of places to stay. The hotel market has gone up-scale lately in Bali and there are some very exclusive resorts that are rated the best in the world. However, you can still find that loseman, or home-stay for a few dollars a night. There are, as well, many hotels in between that fit a moderate budget. It would be wise to take a mosquito net and flash light if you plan on staying in the more rural areas.

Email me and I will be glad to make personal recommendations. If you have any questions before booking directly with a hotel please just ask Bali Advisor.