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Balinese Inspiration:

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Bali Temple Explorer

The Bali Temple Explorer lets you explore a group of three small temples in Bali. These temples are near the village of Bedulu. You will see them as they were during a temple festival in Aug. 2010

Bali's Major Temples

Bali's Major Temples
Temples of Bali

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On Bali there is a link to enlightenment. The beliefs of the Balinese are a living force that pervades the island. The island sings of love. The love of making an offering of woven palm leaves and beautiful flowers, or lighting a stick of incense and by praying a Mantra.

Balinese Religion Balinese Priest
Balinese Religion Balinese Priest
Traditional Healing in Bali Balinese Etiquett
Balinese Healer Temple Etiquette