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Jimbaran, Bali

Located south of the airport, the village of Jimbaran used to be a small fishing village with a market but is fast becoming the place to stay in Bali. The magnificent bay boasts long, white-sand beaches, tranquil waters and very safe for swimming. The seafood restaurants along the beach are a major tourist attraction for sunset dining. A comfortable distance from the hawkers, lively shopping areas and the frenetic traffic to the north, this peaceful bay is a delight - with excellent accommodation and hotel facilities but no real budget hotels and not much of a night life. The southern end of the beach near the Four Seasons is quieter and the fish market on the north end is very active every morning.

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Uluwatu TempleUluwatu Temple: A short distance by car from Jimbaran is the thousand-year water temple (Pura Luhur) of Uluwatu is one of Bali's six holiest temples in Bali called "temples of the world". Perched high on a ledge of rock extending some 200 meters above sea level, the temple offers panoramic view across the Indian Ocean to the island of Java, and a world-class surfing venue below.