Kuta Beach, Bali

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Kuta Beach, Bali

The popular holiday areas of Kuta, Tuban (south Kuta) and Legian front a gentle curve of coastline just north of the airport. Kuta Beach is a former fishing village and one of the first towns on Bali to hosts western tourists. These beaches are among the most beautiful in Bali, famous for great waves, sunsets, and night life. Kuta is a tourist oriented town and extends to Legian Beach further to the north. The main road is jammed with shops, cafe's and kisoks. However the traffic is horrible so avoid driving on the roads as much as possible. There are many back roads and alleys in Kuta and Legian that are homes to smaller hotels and home stays. In Tuban to the south are most of the major hotels.

Kuta and Legian hosts many good restaurants with good mid range prices. Most of these restaurants are on Jalan Legian which is the main drag between Kuta and Legian beach. For those of you who like the night life there is plenty of it here. You just have to ask around for the latest hot spot.

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